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You started off with the greatest of intentions. You would run for 30 minutes every morning at 6 am. You would cook a nutritious breakfast after that, then it was work and kids for the next 8 hours followed by an online Zumba class. 

But at 6 am your alarm was switched off, and breakfast was a handful of frosties as you rushed to work. You miss the Zumba class, and you feel guilty. The weight isn't coming off this time, and you worry that it never will.

Things used to be fine. At 25, you could go on a 4-week diet, lose all the weight you needed, and you'd feel great. But that was before the long hours at work, before the stresses of putting your family first, your career second, and yourself last.

If you could just have someone to tell you exactly what you need to do, you know that you could succeed.

All of us at Ivolve Wellbeing know exactly what you are going through. We've been there ourselves. Luckily, we also know how to solve this problem. It starts with you understanding that prioritising your own health is not selfish. It's smart.

Our Coaches Know Exactly What it's Like Juggling Health, Family, and Work

Hi, we're Dave and Stef, the owners of Ivolve Wellbeing

We are a soon-to-be-married couple from Derby, with 5 children between us and a dog called Mylo. Both of us have been married before, and as such we have a unique insight into the stresses and barriers that women with families and careers can have when it comes to weight loss.

Stef is 44 and has first-hand experience of fighting to take control of her weight. Going from a size 18 down to a size 10/12. While on that journey, she learned to love exercise and realised what a positive experience it can be when taught correctly.

Dave has been a personal trainer for the best part of 20 years and has worked with hundreds of women who wanted to rebuild their confidence after putting on weight due to stress and inactivity.

Together, we wanted our own studio, so that we could help women to fall in love with their bodies again.

We wanted a place where women could feel safe and comfortable while exercising. Ivolve Wellbeing came about through our desire to get incredible results for our clients in a boutique studio where clients can work hard and have fun in small groups or one-on-one with their coach.

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Our Coaches Take the Stress and Anxiety out of Exercise

Sadly, most women in the UK have negative memories of exercise.

Cold changing rooms just before PE, creepy guy on the next treadmill at the local leisure centre, or ridiculously hard workout DVDs with names like "Insanity" or "Hardcore" on the front cover.

It can really put you off exercise. This is such a shame, because when it is done correctly, in the ideal environment, exercise can be a very positive experience. To enjoy your workouts you need to ensure that you are:

  • Comfortable
  • Being properly looked after
  • Surrounded by likeminded people who will support you
  • Getting results

We do everything in our power to ensure that our studio provides this. Our small group training is designed so that there are never more than 3 people per coach, and a maximum of just 6 people and 2 coaches in the studio at any one time.

At Ivolve Wellbeing we ensure that:

  • Every session is specifically created for each individual client so that you get the results you want
  • There are never more than 8 people in our studio at any one time so that you feel comfortable and not crowded
  • You are looked after during each session which will help you gain confidence in your capabilities
  • That you are coached through nutrition and lifestyle choices when outside the gym so that you get a total health makeover
  • You receive top quality mindset coaching so that you can make improvements to your goals and outlook
  • That you get the results you wanted in a timely manner which will ensure that you stay motivated and happy throughout

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Success Stories from Ivolve Wellbeing Members


'The program was tailored to me, my ability and my needs'

"I started training with David as I had to stop running (due to a knee injury) but wanted to stay fit, whilst building strength and toning. The programme that David designed was tailored to me, my ability and my needs. I have always been a member of gyms and attended fitness classes but none of them delivered the results that his programmes delivered. The results have been well worth the early mornings sessions.”


'I've lost 22 lbs, and almost 5 inches off my waist'

"I've lost 22 lbs, and almost 5 inches off my waist and another 4 inches off my hips! I have lost a total of 23.9 inches. I have now reached my goal body weight"

Joanne Garner

'Lost 7lbs & 9 inches of fat in just 28 days!'

“I have achieved my goal of feeling fitter, healthier and more confident in myself. My three workouts per week enabled me to get rid of the excess fat and become lean & toned. I was stuck in a rut of eating the wrong things and feeling lethargic & tired a lot of the time but now that I have made some key lifestyle changes, I feel so much better and I would encourage anyone to take that first step and commit to a program that will give you the right level of structure & support to ensure success”!

Results are just a phone call away!

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