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What Makes Ivolve Wellbeing Different?


We only work with a small number of clients, meaning that we are able to offer unrivalled support to each member. Small group training or one-on-one coaching helps to establish excellent rapport with your coaches, and amazing support outside of the studio.


This is a private PT studio, meaning that only clients will be in the gym while you're here. This means that you will get a level of privacy during your sessions that large chain gyms just cannot offer. Our members are 75% female, which helps to create a safe space for women to train in.


At Ivolve Wellbeing, we treat every member as an individual. You will receive your own coaching program, specifically designed for your needs. You will receive individual mindset, nutrition & lifestyle coaching to run alongside your personal exercise program.

Steps to Success


Make An Enquiry

Book your free phone consultation. This is an excellent opportunity to have a chat with one of our team, and discuss your goals.


Meet the Team

After your phone consultation, you will be invited to come & meet with us at the studio. Here we will help you to create a plan for your success. We will also use this opportunity to learn more about you so that we can taylor a program to your needs.


Individual Coaching

We offer both personal training, and small-group training. The maximum ratio of clients to coaches is 3 to 1. Meaning that you will receive incredibly specific coaching for your goals.


Superior Results

Our coaches have decades of experience, and due to small group sizes, we are able to devote a lot more time to your personal development than most PT studios. This leads to superior results for our clients.

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Success Stories from Ivolve Wellbeing Members


‘I’ve lost over 3 stone!’

“Two years ago, a friend recommended David’s group workouts to me and since joining I’ve lost over 3 stone in weight. The plans are exactly what I was looking for: different to anything id tried before, challenging and very enjoyable. This is the one program I have ever stuck to as it gives me everything I could have wanted.”


‘I’ve lost a total of 25 inches in just 6 weeks’

"I've lost 6 inches off my waist and another 5 1/2 inches off my hips! I have lost a total of 25 inches in just 6 weeks. I have reduced my body fat percentage significantly in such a short period of time "


‘I lost all the weight I wanted to’

Since joining his coaching program I have reached my body transformation goals beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only have I lost all the weight I wanted to I am happier, more confident and feel like a new person. I have now set myself new fitness related targets which I’m striving to achieve and know that I will with the guidance and support of Dave.

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What Makes Ivolve Wellbeing Special?

Losing weight is HARD. Not so much the actual process, but changing your whole routine to accommodate new priorities can be incredibly challenging. 

How often have you tried to lose a bit of weight after a tough Christmas season? Only to see your efforts fail after 4 weeks of hell?

Ivolve Wellbeing helps middle-aged women to lose weight and regain their self-confidence.

We aim to make training an enjoyable and positive experience. Our coaches know what it is like to gain and lose weight, we know the unique challenge of raising a family, running a business, and struggling to justify spending time working on ourselves.

That's why we started our personal training studio, for people just like you.

Our coaching service helps you:

  • Build lean muscle so that you can feel stronger and more confident than ever before.
  • Burn stubborn body fat so that you can wear your clothes without worrying if they fit.
  • Learn how to eat the foods you love and still lose weight.
  • How to maintain your weight after you've got the results you wanted

Results are just a phone call away!

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